T-Lab Aura Oil

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      Formulated with certified organic ingredients T-LAB Professional Aura Oil Collection is designed for dry, dull, damaged, brittle hair that needs intensive nourishment and shine. The collection with smooth hair products is suitable for women and men who have different types of hair and want to gain smooth hair naturally. Aura Oil Collection can be used for hair that was bleached, chemically treated, coloured, also for curly hair, long hair, and all different types of hair that need nourishment. Silky hair products from Aura Oil Collection all together create a natural Ritual for dry hair to provide hair with intensive nourishment. The ritual of deep nourishment and moisturizing for luxurious softness and natural beauty is a procedure that your hair needs to return softness, silkiness, and natural shine. The Ritual for hydrating haircare consists of DUO Shampoo, DUO Treatment, Elixir Superior, Absolute Wash, and Absolute Cream.
      As a Brand, T-LAB Professional manifests the nature: colours of the bottles correspond to the colours of respective Flower Extracts inside each bottle. T-LAB Professional Aura Oil innovative products are based on Purified Underground Water, Energizing Gems, and Unique Natural Complex, a symphony of exclusive active ingredients as Organic Flower Extracts, Organic Nutritional Oils, and Precious Mineral Powders.

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